A servant of Harmonics, Shakti is co-owner of Bodhisattva Trading Co., Inc. and a portal through which a generation of practitioners of the Healing Arts, sound therapists, musicians, clergy, teachers, yogis and people from all walks of life have discovered the healing and transformational power of singing bowls.

Creator of Bodhisattva’s Master Healing Sets, Shakti matches custom singing bowl sets comprised of ancient, Chakra tuned singing bowls, which are used worldwide in many diverse cultural and musical scales and healing disciplines.

Through her extensive exhibiting at Yoga and Sound Healing Conferences for the past 15 years, she has taught thousands of people to tune their inner landscape using the bowls frequencies, and to continues to educate the public on using bowls as meditation tools and energy teachers.

Shakti lives in Los Angeles with her yellow lab Sita, cats Bodhi, Boots and Ekati, pet snake Zombie, and a pair of Mallard ducks.